Web application maintenance & support

Web application transition, maintenance and support can be successfully done for any expansion and/or modification of the applications functionality, debugging and creation of supplementary solutions and thereby ensuring that your apps are reliable.

Application security management

24/7 security monitoring, regular audits, incident troubleshooting

Scheduled app vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnostics

Detailed vulnerability reports

Security and penetration testing

Stress testing (simulation of DoS/DDoS attacks)

Security improvements according to SecOps


Updating existing functional modules

Developing new application features

Suggesting new features based on user feedback

Feasibility studies and ROI calculation

Adding software integrations

Application re-architecting, modernization

Introducing advanced app innovations

Application performance management

24/7 app performance monitoring to detect and resolve unfavorable trends

Regular app performance and usability testing (load, stability, scalability testing)

Continuous performance and UX optimization

Application compliance management

Regular review of compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, GLBA and/or other regulations

Reporting on each compliance review

Proactive suggestions of updates in case of changes in the regulations