The Complete, Hassle-Free Procurement & Inventory Solution

CODEPOINT’s Procurement & Inventory Management Solution helps you manage your purchases and inventory, with flexibility, to manage the same at plant/warehouse (individual or multiple) level. Our solution automates your entire procurement and inventory flow from purchase requisition stage to stock issuance, including sales return and stock-take. The solution also helps in making strategic decisions on your business, with precise reporting of your inventory flow.

Solution Workflow


Hassle-free Inventory Management

Eliminate all the hassles of manual processing with one automated solution

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Facilitates real-time visibility of your inventory and enhances your profitability

Digital Archival and Tracking

Archive your inventory digitally and get easy access to monitor and track all items

Faster Stock-take with Online-offline Capability

Speed up stock counts and ensure accuracy by completing stock counts on mobile devices, even when there’s no signal

Customized Reporting

Facilitates overall monitoring & tracking of your inventory flow with precise reporting section

Barcode Integration

Catch stock details by integrating with a barcode system

ERP Integration

Manage the operational flow with a system having ERP integrations

Multi-location Sync

Allows you to sync your stock for different warehouses

Key modules of the solution

Procurement Management

  • A unified solution to set up your purchase processes with seamless approval tracking, integrated purchase request fulfillment, and effortless inventory replenishment
  • Department wise Budget requirement requisition and allocation
  • Easy Purchase Requisition initiation and approvals
  • Single-click quotation requests to multiple suppliers
  • Initiate creation of purchase orders directly from quotations effortlessly with just one click
  • Streamline your post-purchase processes by receiving items and replenishing the inventory directly from the purchase orders
  • Payment Processing by matching payments with invoices & store centralized transaction records for future reference
  • Manage all your vendors, vendor transactions and bills in one place
  • Dedicated contract management space where you can manage all contracts be it, existing or new, effortlessly

Item Management

  • Group, customize, manage, and track your items from a single application
  • Classify your items into groups based on their descriptive attributes, brands, product types, sizes, and colors, and arrange them accordingly
  • Assign unique serial numbers to each product so you can track them individually
  • Precisely keep track of where your products come from and where they are going
  • You can monitor expiration dates, conduct quality checks, and trace each product back to its batch
  • Get instant product status, any time
  • Comprehensive information on existing stock
  • Auto re-order notification & purchase request initiation

Warehouse Management

  • Distribute your stock across multiple warehouses and fulfill your orders as soon as customers place them
  • Move stock easily through the business, eliminating excess stock-holding and over-ordering
  • Synchronize sales/issuance across multiple warehouses and manage drop shipments, inter-warehouse transfers, and back orders with ease
  • Access to any Inventory items in any warehouses located at different locations
  • Online requisition slips are received from departments for material issue

Sales Order Management

  • Create, manage and access all of your sales orders with a single application
  • Acts as a central database to collect all the sales that you make across different channels
  • Generate invoices against your sales orders instantly
  • Compiles data from one or more sales orders and lets you create invoices for your clients, automatically
  • Centralize your billing process
  • Keep tabs on the status of all your invoices and pending payments
  • End-to-end sales contracting management with our full-fledged Customer Contracts section


  • Our android barcode scanning app provides fast, accurate, verifiable and reliable inventory counts
  • Barcode scanning can be carried out offline allowing you to perform stock count in any environment
  • Significantly reduce inventory counting time and time lost on errors
  • Multi-device stocktaking feature helps you complete inventory counting at a blistering pace
  • Real-time stock-data updating in the server enables you to view stock data from multiple devices in a real-time manner
  • Perform partial or full stocktake with multiple devices/users
  • Identifies inventory discrepancy and make stock adjustments
  • Verify and archive your stocktake data by exporting/importing inventory documents